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Multi Modal Teaching in this first step, Libby’s knowledge of triads and the circle of 5ths provide foundations to improvise a melody over the popular chord progression of VI, II, V, I.  She is practically reinforcing her knowledge of Circle of 5ths, scales, triads and key signatures whilst understanding that good melodies are based on sound harmonic structures – and that improvisation is not magic but fun – many thanks to Libby for bravery in front of a camera.

A lovely example of helping a student to become comfortable with improvisation and to make up a satisfying tune, whilst genuinely understanding the theory behind it”  Sandy Holland –  

Piano teacher ~ Director at E-MusicMaestro ~ ABRSM examiner ~ Writer ~ OCR music performance examiner


Using her knowledge of triads and the circle of 5ths, Andrea improvises for the first time. We start simply and progress step by step. This method can be used with all instruments.



Here are some ideas to lay foundations for the Well Rounded Musician (dated 10th February 2016) (see blog) developing sight reading/sight singing from the outset



Understanding the format of the major scale whilst playing and listening connects the learning aurally, practically and theoretically and helps to lay good foundations for The Well Rounded Musician (dated 10th February 2016)