On January 4, 2016 | 0 Comments

It may be childish to see life’s events on a continuum of fairness but maybe there are times when it is appropriate.

Today I was talking to the parents of a young music student.

They pay the local music Hub £48 per hour for supplying a peripatetic teacher to give their child piano lessons at school. The child had been enjoying her lessons and preparing for her ABRSM Grade 1 exam at the end of November.

At the beginning of this Autumn term, the parents learned that their child’s peripatetic teacher, who I know was paid £24 per hour by the Hub, was not returning to the school.  Further, the Hub was sending no replacement peripatetic teacher to the school until after the half term holiday –  in November.  With the child’s oncoming Grade 1 exam and no teacher in sight, the parents decided to find private lessons for their child. Having already paid a term’s fees to the Hub in advance to avoid the Hub’s penalties, the parents asked for a reimbursement………..

Notwithstanding the Hub’s complete failure to supply a teacher for at least half a term and maybe longer, when the child is in such need of a teacher to prepare for an examination in November, they say a term’s notice is due and they still intend to keep the whole payment.

The parents are now not only paying for the necessary private lessons but also the non existent Music Hub lessons.

I think this is a rip-off and it’s not just unfair – it’s wrong.