About Pamela Rose

After studying at the Royal College of Music, I played piano and sang for Hilton and Intercontinental Hotels around the world and was the resident pianist/singer on the QEII.  Since 2000, teaching music has been my vocation, focus and passion. Students of all ages and standards learn with me and I am an ABRSM Theory examiner.

My teaching integrates the learning of music practically, aurally and visually from the first lessons.  Connecting our understanding of music we play aurally and visually creates independent and well rounded musicians and ensures a place for music throughout our lives.

Prosemusicuk is designed to help music teachers and students alike.

Here you will find a variety of teaching videos including videos to support Paul Harris’ “Improve your theory!” workbooks.  All of the teaching is multi modal with a focus on understanding the music we play and hear. 

learngrade5theory is a series of videos where the syllabus for Grade 5 theory and more is taught at the piano so that it can be seen and heard and played.  

Unlike other methods of learning theory where students read the explanation of music from text, either in a book or on an online screen, learngrade5theory uses ‘embodied’ learning which research has shown leads to greater retention and better learning outcomes. 

‘Embodied’ teaching has two main components.  Firstly, it is collaborative – it involves a real teacher – and, secondly, it is multi modal – aural, visual and kinaesthetic.    

learngrade5theory comes as close to being in a one to one lesson with a teacher as is possible online.

Underlying the teaching is the premise that music theory is most effectively understood when students connect their understanding, through sight, sound and touch, to their own music –  the music they compose, play and listen to.

The website is designed for all music students and teachers whatever their instrument. The lessons are given at the piano because the piano shows more clearly than any other instrument the way music is organised.

Whilst the notes on the piano are played and heard the notation is displayed and highlighted. Students can relate theory practically and aurally.  


“I decided to go ahead and buy the course and am already pleased I have. I did grade 5 theory 35 years ago and now my 12 year old son is studying for it before he can take his grade 6 piano exam. He has an hour long piano lesson each week which is not enough for all the theory he has to learn and my son was becoming overwhelmed, as his previous teachers have never really touched on the theory in a serious way. He sat through some of your lessons tonight and came over and hugged me and thanked me for buying your course!!! That says it all,”

— Linda


“I am a retired mature student and in January this year I purchased the learngrade5theory full course. I had previously been reading a well known “Guide to Music Theory”, which to put mildly I found both confusing and heavy going. In contrast, your learngrade5theory course was a joy to use. Each section being in a logical order and the subject material clear and concise making each topic easy to understand. It certainly clarified the muddied waters of the ABRSM book. Also each lesson was about the right length meaning I was able to study on my tablet PC when I had a few minutes spare. I enjoyed studying the course and took my grade 5 theory exam in June. I am pleased to tell you that I passed at my first attempt, obtaining a distinction with a mark of 91%.”

— Tony Watton

“As part of my musical career, I have been teaching for thirty five years. I am very keen for my pupils to be rounded musicians, and to develop all parts of their musical language and awareness. Given how busy most pupil’s lives are, and how many competing priorities there are, it is not always possible to cover all aspects of musical currency during the lesson time; and so it is wonderful to have an online resource such as Pamela Rose’s Grade Five theory teaching course, to use as a tool. 
Just recently, I was able to recommend this informative, easy to operate course to another of my pupils; this particular student had come a very long way along the practical route, in a very short space of time – she started playing the cello quite late. So it was a particular delight to be able to give her this recommendation, safe in the knowledge that the course would bring her to Grade Five standard. 
Of course she passed the exam; and she did so with no added input from me. This is what all teachers want – a genuinely reliable piece of support. I would also add that Pamela Rose achieved something that I secretly thought wasn’t possible….which is that she made the process enjoyable!”